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9 minutes ago, Axlerod said:



I don't see an option either.



















I already observed this while we were playing the Beta.  What I did take from the server browser was that it was set to "Official" mode, and towards the end, I noticed all the servers were running in "Custom" mode.  I believe they were running in "Custom" mode because the server's End-of-Round was switched from time vs. ticket count.  I firmly believe there will be a hardcore mode, and we will have EA rented servers.

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Battlefield 4 Hardcore features


Hardcore in Battlefield 4 is similar to previous games in the series. While there is a general set of rules for the mode, server owners can further adjust some of the settings. Here’s are some of the differences between the Battlefield 4 Hardcore mode compared to the regular game:


Hardcore has less health, usually 50-60% of health is available

No auto-health regen — players have to be healed by medics

No minimap (server option)

No health meter, no ammo count (server option)

No crosshairs — weapon has to be aimed.

Spotting can be turned off (Server option)

Friendly fire is on




I see MOST of these options Below, with the exception of Health meter, no ammo count, and no crosshairs Which Technically is no HUD Display




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