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PBBANS Anouncement


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Hi guys,


I have an announcement to make but I won't post it unless you guys are happy for me to do so. I've come to you because you have a streaming account and servers with us. If it is ok to post please let me know.


To confirm it is me feel free to send me a message on PBBANS and I will respond.


Kind regards


DHGreeny - PBBANS staff

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Thanks Gator much appreciated, the announcement is designed to spread awareness of our current situation and that we hope our service is still beneficial enough that we can continue to get the support from streaming communities..


I'm DHGreeny from PBBANS staff. Just incase you haven't seen the forum post on PBBANS I have come to you on a personal level as you have a streaming team and servers with us to highlight that currently we at PBBANS are not meeting our monthly donations goal. We are running on reserves and the situation has now become critical. At this time closure is imminant and I mean very soon if we cannot increase our donations level to at least meet our monthly targets from this month onwards.


Right now we still have over 800 streaming servers enough for some of those players who enter our MBI and uMBI without a global punkbuster ban to feel the need to appeal as it is a massive thorn in their side to be on our MBI in the first place not to mention the added headache for them when they find out they are also cross game banned.


For now we are unsure if BF1 is going to even support punkbuster and we do have the feeling that it probably won't support it but we believe that BF3, BF4, BFHL etc and the legacy games can still benefit from our streaming service as they are still popular and that we also believe we still make a significant impact against cheaters and keeping them off our game.


So bearing all this in mind, if you can donate even just a small amount to the cause then it all helps to get PBBANS back on track. We can continue to give you that added protection of keeping cheaters off your servers and you will be able to continue with the tools available from us on our site to help you on an admin level.


To donate simply click on the link below..




Better still if you can open a monthly donation subscription to us no matter how big or small and we can get enough of them, it could really secure our future.


Let us keep the flagship of third party anti cheat afloat.


To make it clear, we are only asking and making you aware of the situation if you were not already. We would never force you to make a donation.


All donations will be gratefully received.


If you have any questions at all in regards to PBBANS please don't hesitate to ask.


Thank you for your time.


Kind regards




PBBANS.. Always Quality Over Quantity

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Thank you Gator, tbh I didn't even notice, its a bit of a head spin registering on lots of communities etc I'm trying to simplify it as best as possible :)


I would say smaller monthly donations if possible is better I still have other communities to speak to I'm hoping to build the subscriptions to a good level and if I get enough of them it will be sustainable. I have one myself but need to fix the anonymous I thought I selected show my name but the output says no :D

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