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Changing Map Cycles and new maps, i like it..


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I like what the admins are doing on this server. Its great for a new user like me (some weeks now) to see new maps. Its a god way to learn and try to play better. Everytime i played a new map, i was shoot several times. But when i play the new map again and again, i am better and better (of course on my low level).... Keep going Admins of FA.
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i like to play tc_mine with about 3 - 4 people on each team, its fun.and to Zandler for when we were playing this map,GG TO YOU(for threatening to report me and get me banned in all FA servers for using a minor exploit)And when you said "this will be my last visit on this server",gg to you again and I hope I dont see u again!whiner.
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