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oh god


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was playing DC about an hour ago.I really don't know what happened, the server must have text disabled or something, cause really, I didn't see anybody complaining.I had joined Americans, but for some reason I thought I was Iraqi!blowing away people with rocket launcher and pistol,it was funny when I figured out like half an hour later, but still, the damage was done. I that's why everyone else was going over to the other team*look at sig for pic!*
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Actually if you are going to do that I dont think it is a good idea to wear a TAC tag. You ever hear of Net-Tez clan who did crap like that just to screw up the game for everyone else. I bet you got banned from that server.I really hope this is a photoshop joke and not the real thing. If not I think you should remove your tag if you are going to do stuff like that in someone's server. IF we had on FF and someone was blowing up vehicles in our server of TKing they would be banned after 5-6. I think everyone will agree how mad they get just for blowing up vehicles much less TKing.
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