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So after seeing the Reddit link up top....


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I decided oh hell naw! im outta here! Hahaha just kidding. Not getting rid of me that easily. I was looking at Starfield and it looks pretty neat. Im wondering if the console version and PC version will have cross platform play though. I dont see that info anywhere and honestly I've made my opinion of that abundantly known. Aim assist in any fashion does not belong in a PC game unless its global to everyone. Want to see some kill streaks? Give me a legal aim assist and a mouse and watch the carnage. I get that controller folks are supposed to be at a disadvantage but have you actually seen a teenager or a twenty something with a controller? They use those thing far better than my old ass uses a mouse so yeah spread the love guys.

Anyway it looks cool and I might have to pick it up. You guys will have to fly though if the flight controls are anything over arcade style because just damn I couldn't exit the hangar in the other games hahaha.



Just saw on Steam that its single player. I now haz a sad....

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