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One of the greatest rock vocalists ever


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Damn Straight! Mickey has been awesome for like forever! Belin aint bad either. Damn shame so many of the greats we love aren't doing it anymore or are have left us. I mean Jefferson .... just aint the same without Grace ya know? The dots are for whatever version you are listening to hahaha.

If I am not mistaken, the only original member left in Starship these days is David Freiberg. That's sad but Starship like a lot of bands we love have had a revolving door when it comes to members such as Foreigner, they are currently on a farewell tour and either due to attrition, health issues, etc there isn't a single founding member in the band. Oh and those bastards at the Rock Hall STILL haven't inducted them yet Eminem got in last go round. WTF over!   

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