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Who won last nights match


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The match was against Ln$. We started to play on our server, but some of their members comlained of lag (hmm), so we agreed to move to their server. After moving to their server, I realized they were renting from the same data center company as the Armory, so it was a waste of time for the move. After we entered their server, some of their players still complained about lag on their server, and I must say it was very distracting to me. They were were using CD 4.2, and I must say that some of their players were making incredible shots...and I will leave it at that. After playing against the good friends at DoL....well, I will just leave that alone. IF we ever play against them again...it will be on our server. If I happen to miss that game...nothing lost :roll:Gator's "1-10" Scale (10 being the best)...OPPOSING TEAMS FRIENDLINESS: 3OPPOSING TEAMS ORGANIZATION: 3OPPOSING TEAMS LEVEL OF WHINING: 8OPPOSING TEAMS OVERALL SKILL DURING GAME: 8 (questionable)GATOR'S SKILL DURING GAME: 2 (not questionable)TA's OVERALL SKILL DURING GAME: 6WAS MATCH WORTHY OF POSTING ON TA MAIN PAGE: NO
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ah against lns, well they're good so im not suprised, but why wont u ta guys make a team with mac,CC and unfor and some more guys?

They were ok, but it was meant as a freindly game, so whoever was available at the moment played. No team in FA has ever played are "A" team as of yet
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