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The plus side of coaching little kids...


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Between my 6 to 18 years old, i have played "Soccer" : European football from Great Britain, i think.Between my 19 to 22, i have practiced Kung-Fu : like Bruce Lee "Jet Kundo" chinese martial arts.Between my 38 to 45, i have played basketball : i love this sport cos many tactics, strategies & last more feigns when all knowing you.From my 44, i practice Kendo, Iaïdo & Jodo : japenese fighting martial arts.And since the last 2 years ( 47 & now 48 ), i practice again basketball for the endurence for long-suffering.Egidio.
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-SnOwCr4sH]Well I ref soccer and born I dont think little kids can understand a word you just said because I can hardly unserstand it. I say lets drive the ball the line hard cross in the middle and bicycle into the goal.

Yes, some, but here, they understand what we tell them !

I see a boy of 6 years old playing like "Pele" and when i ask to him where he learned to play very nice & well, he says : "I see the mondial (1990) and it easy to play like great players".

They understand and will play good if they want to learn it seriously.

And we have girls & women who play "soccer" here and very good.

And in basketball, she become very good too.


One year, i see to the final of american football at tv, i understand how this game is played, few years later, we have 10 or 20 american football clubs in Belgium...


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-UnwantedHero]I was playing co-ed soccer...and I feel onto a girl and felt her boobs :D

His first natural airbag. :)

Sometime when i played basketball with girls to training them, this happen too when you strike the ball by under their arms : you touch it without for the real touch but make caution to not hurt it.


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