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User Ticket fix (Possible)


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IMPORTANT! :: Sollutions to the "Ticket" & Login problems Well, I saw the complaints and experienced it for my self. I am going to try my best to list out possible solutions to help fix this problem. If you cannot enter a game because you got somthing about Invalid Ticket: First, exit Steam, and open it again to make sure you have the latest update. Once you do that, logout of your account: Right Click Steam-->Settings-->Logout Once you do that, you might get some popup error, don't worry, click ok. Try opening Steam and logging back in now. If you cannot get login because you get a message about network problems or some sort, go to the next step. If you can login, try joining a game and if you can do it, great your fixed, if you can't, go to the next step. If you cannot log into the Steam network: First, make sure Steam is closed and not running. Now go into your Steam folder. By Default: C:\Program Files\Steam Now find the file ClientRegistry.blob and delete it. Right Click it-->Delete Now open Steam again, and it should Update Platform. Once that is done, login to your account and it should work, and you should also be able to join games again without getting the ticket error. If you still have problems, post here and I will try to look into them. I hope this helps guys!Report this post to a moderator
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This is good and run, but Steam make an update today and the "dirth game part" & other games from HL on the "Game" menu are : "This game is currently unavailable, Please try again at another time" ? :shock:


Since 5 days that i try to enter on the server without success ??? :?:




I do to uninstall Steam, reboot computer, reinstall Steam, reinstall Firearms and all run right now...

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I understand that everyone is sick and tired to hear "I have the same problem! " but this is true. Today I was forced to reinstall Steam and FA (it's the Steam after all, you know), and after that I am geting the same ticket error when trying to connect to TA. I tried Mac's solution but this not helped. I can connect to Trailers for example and to several other servers but not to TA. I think I switch to Civ3 and wait til tomorrow :D
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