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Save Memory When Steam is Running


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I found this topic in the STEAM forums, so give it a try. It may be very useful to many :PWould you Like to Save More Memory When Steam is Running? Hey guys! a buddy enlightened me to something here. Okay, I began to wonder why steam was burning like 20000-25000k in my process tree. Well we found out that if you have any steam windows open and you close them the cpu keeps burning the same amount. But wait! If instead of just closing the window, YOU MUST MINIMIZE FIRST!!!! I swear I was shocked at the amount of memory I was saving. Try it yourselves, Ctrl-Alt-Del and go to your process tab. Now look what happens when you close the window right away versus minimizing it to the taskbar, then right clicking and closing. It must be poor management of the skins or whatever. But just remember this lil hint "MINIMIZE FIRST, then close, this way you free up all available memory."
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