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What Para Wants For ChristmasDigital Camera with USB upload support. NOT AA or AAA batteries. Money .. Lots of itMini-FridgeCell Phone (Let me pick it out)DVDs: Family Guy Season 1, 2, 3. Monty Python and the Holy GrailXbox DVD Add-onVCRCD: A Perfect Circle Thirteenth Step, System of a Down Steal This AlbumXbox Game: Project Gotham Racing 2Need for Speed : Underground PC or XboxBattlefield 1942 - PCShould have asked for a distortion pedal for my guitar, but whatever.
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BF1942...hmmm......Im not sure wot i fink about this game.On one hand it looks so good and being a kamikaze sucidal pilot is simply awsome, except for the dieing bit, i hate that.On the other hand.....it is full of lame ass spawn campin tank using n00bzorz. A case of :Spawn.....Boom...DeadSpawn.....Boom...DeadMe thinks ill spawn somewhere elseSpawn : Boom....Dead*word edited for bad language* It use a gun instead of they lame ass tanks ffs, im gonna knife ure ass.As you can see i hate lame ass n00bzorz who spawn camp with tanks====Edited by StateCop==== Please do not use the GD term Wellsy that is a very bad term where I am from. -Thanks State
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