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Ventrilo Game Voice Communications


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Ventrilo is a voice over the internet program like "Teamspeak" and Roger Wilco. The Armory has a Vintrilo server setup and running, so if you would like to particpate in our game communications, please send a request email to info@fa-thearmory.net.


You can download the client version at http://ventrilo.com/download.php


If you are accepted to join us, you will receive an email with the login information required to particpate. Also, you will must follow the rules listed below:


- You must setup the program to use a "hotkey" (push to talk)


- You must observe the "no foul language" rule


- You must not make disturbing noises or play music that will disrupt gameplay


- You must not give away the location of the enemy (e.g., at the end of a map when you are dead and roaming) while playing Firearms. Seperate channels have been created for each team (if desired).


- You must not be a "bucketmouth" and chatter all the time. Please be courtious to others and allow them to speak


NOTE: During setup, you will see a block entitled "Phonetic". This block is used to pronounce your name as you enter the channel. Only enter your name in that block (e.g., gator...not [TA]-Gator). You can then hit the "Play" button to see how it sounds. You may try different spellings until to get the desired pronounciation of you name.

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Very nice comments Gator, thank you.



um do u have 2 b in clan 2 join vent

You do not need to be in the clan, but we ask that you adhere to the Policy's stated in the agreement. Just click Ventrilo link on the left menu block. :)

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