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Help on DC stats.


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I see your stats here




There are some known issues with the way Battlefield creates its log files where they are not consistant. Because of this, some log files have errors where the cannot be read properly. I watched a batch of almost hundred log files process, and only notice about 3 such instances where the files were corrupt and could not be parsed. They should have this fixed on the next release Battlefiled *fingers crossed*.


This normally occurs if the server restarts or crashes, which I think was more than likely in your case, because the start map (level) begins with Lost_village.


Here is also something from the select(bf) setup "readme" file that addresses this issue.


There are sometimes troubles with the data-structure or logic of some log-files. This is because Battlefield is not very consistent with it's log writing. There are sometimes heavy XML-errors or missing informations (missing informations should only appear in very small files). I can't do something about that because the errors are made on BF-side and s(bf) skips those files to keep the data consistent. If you experience anything that doesn't look like it should be or you have any suggestions, feel free to post them at http://www.selectbf.org/forum

You can also visit the select(bf) forums at htttp://www.selectbf.org/forum/


I think you will find most of your answers there


Anyway, thanks for playing DC with us...we always like good folks on the server :p

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