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I want to make a computer. Me and Para, but he's just helping cause I have NO idea of everything I need. These are the only thing I want to be "A" on my computer:-AMD Athlon 2800+-ATI Radeon 9600 128MB -512MB DDR RAMI have a 40GB HD for 5 people right now, and yeah it's holding up so all I need is a small HDThanks.
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I know what I am talking about here. If you do not follow my advice and things are good but not great. Remember I said I told you sooooo.......


Abit NF7-S IS better than the Asus. There is NO question about it.


I HAVE BOTH REMEMBER? There is no comparison here.


If you can shop www.newegg.com


Get the Abit NF7-S


Get TWO sticks of QUALITY DDR. That is TWO 256mb sticks. I recommend ( Kingston HyperX or Geil Ultra ) PC3500 cas 2,3,3,6.


To save a little money get the 2500 BARTON XP. The price difference is $55 for 250mhz. 1830mhz and 2080mhz. Too much in my book.


Believe it or not but the 9600 IS IS IS slower than a GF4 TI4200 in every aspect. The only exception is it cannot do directX9 stuff. It really does not matter b/c the horsepower is limited for the DX9 stuff so your resolution will have to be low anyway. Take the $55 saved from the processor and get yourself a 9800se.


You WILL get more of a system improvement by having a 8 pipe videocard (9800) then a faster processor and slower (9600)4 pipe videocard.


Get this memory http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=20-144-405&catalog=147&manufactory=BROWSE&depa=0


Get this Mobo http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=13-127-166&catalog=22&manufactory=BROWSE&depa=0


Get this videocard http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=14-131-233&catalog=48&depa=0


Get this HD http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=22-144-102&catalog=14&depa=0


GREAT CASE and Powersupply http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=11-182-532&catalog=7&depa=0


Burner and floppy around $50 shipped if you want one.


Sooo the damage =


$177 for vid card

$86 for memory

$85 for proc

$100 for Mobo

$62 for HD

$50 for case/ps


$560 shipped


Just the parts you wanted my version


$85 for proc

$86 for Mem

$177 for Vid card


$348 :D :) :D


Your way


$144 for proc

$108 for I do not know computers ram http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=20-145-438&catalog=147&manufactory=BROWSE&depa=0

$115 for videocard


$367 shipped

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-Mystik_MDS]do you have a link to the herc 9800?

www.hercules.com :D


I can share my experiences with this, cos I bought Hercules 3D Prophet 9800 Pro two weeks ago.

It clearly shows, that with so much raw power in your video card you can have weaker processor without concequences. Just one example. My system has P4 1400, 512 DDR ram and old videocard was GeForce2 Ti 400, all bought 2 years ago. When I tried to play Need For Speed Underground it just was not possible even with all graphics turned down to bottom. Now with new videocard I can turn all graphics to max, also turn all card 3D settings to max quality and game runs perfectly!

So if you have to choose if to buy a faster processor or more powerful videocard, go for video.

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Yes it will but please TRUST ME ON THIS.Get the 9800SE.Get the weaker processor.Get two sticks of 256mb ram even if you have to go to Cas 2.5 to afford it. PC3500 that is.You Will be dissapointed. Trust me. A 9600 IS SLOWER than a GF4 TI4200. Why do you want to buy something slower than last generations cards when I have shown you that you can get better speed for less money than you had on your parts list?I am confused.
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the 9800se performs like a 9600 which you say is like a 4200why do you think its 70$ cheaper than any other 9800The 9800se cards feature 325/500 for gpu clocks and 128bit/4pipeline memory castration, hence the low price. Its like ATI trying to sell the 9800 name with different features that not too many people are aware of and by the time they buy, its too late. Like lambs to the slaughter for those that don't research!
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A 9800se is faster than a 9600 Killer.Here are the specs I linked on the other page. POWERCOLOR RADEON 9800SE Video Card, 128MB DDR, 128-bit, DVI/TV-Out, 8X AGP, Model "XR98SE-C3L" -RETAILSpecifications:Chipset/Core Speed: RADEON 9800SE/380MHzMemory/Effective Speed: 128MB DDR/600MHzBUS: AGP 1X/2X/4X/8XPorts: VGA Out(15 Pin D-Sub)+TV-Out(S-Video Out)+DVI connectorSupport 3D API: DirectX9, OpenGL2.0Cable/Accessories: 3 Cables, Composite via S-Video Adapter, VGA via DVI Adapter, 5 CD,ManualMax Resolution@32bit Color: 2048X1536@85HzRetail Box (See pics for details) 9600 SAPPHIRE RADEON 9600 Video Card, 128MB DDR, 128-bit, DVI/TV-Out, 8X AGP -RETAILSpecifications:Chipset/Core Speed: RADEON 9600/325MHzMemory/Effective Speed: 128MB DDR/400MHzBUS: AGP 1X/2X/4X/8XPorts: VGA Out(15 Pin D-Sub)+TV-Out(S-Video Out)+DVI ConnectorSupport 3D API: DirectX9, OpenGL2.0Cable/Accessories: 1 Cable, Driver CDMax Resolution@32bit Color: 2048X1536@85HzRetail Box (See pics for details) Where does it say that the memory and core are at 9600 speeds?yes it is a neutered 9800pro chip. But with the core clock and memory clock plus Direct X9support. It is faster than the 9600 by far.Now maybe a 9800 on a P3 800mhz and a 9600 on a P3 800mhz will be about the same speed but that is about it.As far as the memory issue.AMD has processors at 166fsb. You wantr the memory to run with the FSB of the processor.Soon the procs will run at 200fsb so you will need memory to run at that speed.That is why I say that. Why buy something that will be out of date sooner that needed. Especially for about the same price.
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