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Question & Suggestion about stuff related to our DC serv


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1 : :p I reallise that most peoples are looking for 32 and more max player server to play in. Would be cool if our server would have a player capacity of 32. I think it should make our server a lot more popular. (Like what we did with our fa server that was allwas full :p ).Mabe there is a reason to keep it at 20, but i just wonder why?2 : :arrow: With my frend of mine, that just registe in TA for a try out. We played DC using mic chat, and the game experience was much more immersive and focus on team work. :!: Cause we were 2 we used msn vocal chat. But there is way bether programs that could be use to link all TA member in vocal chat while playing on our server. I'm suggesting this cause i remember the fun we add to have it while playing firearms. :twisted: Tell me what you think about this!3 : :arrow: I don't know i it's allready in place, but do we have a vote map rotation for our dc server? :?: Cause acctually, many of the maps in rotation are not really fun if there is no teamwork.If you have other ideas or comments put them! :D
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1) I'm pretty sure that gator runs the DC server off the FA one. I remember him saying that there was a map change going on over on the DC side, which was the reason the FA server was lagging a bit.2) We use ventrilo (look in the member forums) for mic chat3) can't help ya there
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