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Some DC Map Fixes Installed...


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There has been a Map Fix for some of the maps we could not play before.Here you go guys. The file size is not that big but if someone wishes to mirror these go ahead, just make sure you include the MD5's please. Readme ---------- This fix is provided to take care of the issue when trying to manually load DC converted BF1942 maps out of normal rotation. There was also one error in a normal DC map that I have also fixed. THIS FIX IS ONLY FOR STAND ALONE DEDICATED SERVERS! Listed below are the maps fixed as well as the game types available for them. This fix has been tested and is running fine on a Linux server using both, BFSRM and the console to switch maps manually. NOTE: This is not an official DC patch, I have contacted the DC team, as well as provided, them with a copy of this fix to hopefully include in the next DC release. While I have tested this and it does work, I hold no responsibility if it doesnt work for anyone that tries to use this. I will attempt to help you the best I can though. *SSP*DemonJester Fixed Maps and Gametypes available ---------------------------------- battle of the bulge - TDM,CTF,Coop,CQ battleaxe - TDM,CTF,Coop,CQ berlin - TDM,CTF,Coop,CQ dc operation bragg - TDM,CTF,CQ el alamein - CTF,Coop,CQ gazala - TDM,CTF,Coop,CQ guadalcanal - TDM,CTF,Coop,CQ iwo jima - TDM,Coop,CQ kharkov - TDM,CTF,Coop,CQ kursk - TDM,CTF,Coop,CQ omaha beach - TDM,Coop,CQ stalingrad - TDM,CTF,Coop,CQ tobruk - TDM,Coop,CQ wake - TDM,CTF,Coop,CQ Installation Instructions: Windows stand alone server: Unzip the fix into your root bf1942 directory and allow it to overwrite the rfa's. (Example : C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\) if you prefer you can make backup copies of the original rfa's just in case. Linux stand alone server : Untar the fix into your root bf1942 directory and allow it to overwrite the rfa's. (Example /usr/local/bf1942/) again if you prefer, make backup copies ot the original rfa's.
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Update....I loaded the files and they now all work except for Bocage (day1) :DAlso, I found out that they release the server files. The server should run better now that is has the proper files loaded to run a DEDICATED SERVER. I have no idea why they waited so long to rlease the server files, but at least we have the proper files now. I did a clean install of the Desert Combat v0.7 Dedicated Server files. :)
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