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Best Assault Weapon?


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-Wasted_Mike]i cant use the shotgun, havent got the 1 shot accuracy, thats why i cant use 3 burst guns either

Well, then if you WANT to learn, the shotgun is probably the BEST one to learn with.I was using the AK74(which is horrible in CQB's) for a long time and then I switched to the M3/beretta92fs set up about a month ago already (time flies :shock: ) and I was HORRIBLE.However, over time, I got more and more accurate with the one shot to the head kills. (Plus, it's so rewarding to see nothing bout red cover your view after a success full shot to the face. :D :D :p )Anyways... I used to be like 5 and 15 with the shotgun, but now I'm about even over all with it. Check the psychostats. :p
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I have tried using the auto shotgun a few times, But it always seams the enemy is far away making my gun useless. I am farelly new to FA. :-L

Well, basically put, the auto is one shell weaker than the M3, meaning, it's going to take one more shot than the M3 to kill someone, unless you shot them in the face with no helmet on. Plus, if you're victim has full armor on(I believe it doesn't matter what thickness) you're gonna do 5hp of damage, at most, if you're anywhere but right next to him/her. Even right next to him, you'll need at least 2 shots with the M3 and 3 with the auto.
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