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World Cup tonight for me...


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I watched some of it today England and the US were tied 1-1, Mexico and South Africa tied yesterday 1-1. When does Belgium play Egidio?

Belgium was not selected: they missed the coach fly...But I am more for Italy... :D


And I like USA soccer: they became very good now! = the best World Cup match that I seen yesterday! :p


But I can watch your american football one time by year here when they broadcast the final cup of the NFL in France channels cable. Sometime few importants NFL playoffs...


Also like all the NBA playoffs in France channels too...



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Germany looks good and its the only one team that doesnt disappoint until now but i'm afraid Maradona it doesnt let the team to play at maximum power(yet) and hes got Messi!!!!I bet on the team as a winner allready.Congrats for USA,good game, i took it as group winner before the games start.
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Yeah the vuvuzelas are ridiculous. Terrible idea all you can hear is that damn drone. I've caught nearly every game so far. Been watching the on ESPN3.com and listening to the live feed on my iPhone so I'm hearing it in my sleep.


BTW I rooting for England but was happy to see the US actually put up a fight. That goal was stupid though. They should throw Robert Green in the tower.

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