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EA E3 2011 Press Conference link, starts in 1 hour!!


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I deleted the other one. What happened was that the first post was not showing and I asked Gator WHY, and he said that It takes a few minutes for the post to show, and by the time gator replied I had already made this one :) .



Oh and BTW it's not live YET, 14 more mins :)




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Okaaaaaaay, so enough said, I haven't pre-ordered my BF3 game yet, i know i know, how can I live with myself? I just wanted to be sure of MP and SP mode, graphics and the whole deal... After the new things I saw for BF3 on E3, I am DEFINITELY getting the game!! You want to get CODMW3, good luck playing with the SAME campers, the SAME shty spawn rape system, the SAME engine, basically the SAME COD for the past 2-3 years, but with the difference of "MW3", only THAT has changed. Not only is BF3 going to crush CODMW3, but just with the fact that BF3 has MORE FREE THINGS THAN MW3, they already have me in their pocket!


I think this is the game that will make the clan bigger and probably make all those BF veterans I use to play with when I joined The Armory come back!!



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