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Thinking about getting the S&W M&P Shield Handgun


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I am thinking about gett the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Handgun, so what are your thoughts on this gun?  


Here is a video review I found that showed it in action.  There are some funny parts as well.   :)




Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Handgun

Key Features

Striker-Fired Operation

High-Strength Polymer Frame

Corrosion-Resistant Steel Slide & Barrel

Slim, Compact Design

Two Magazines Included




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After checking out numerous pistols (automatic/revolvers), I have decided to go with a Ruger LCR w/laser for CCW.  I picked this thing up in the store and it felt super light ...I mean really light.  The trigger squeeze is awesome ...Very cool.




Here are my reasons why:




- Feels great in the hand 


- No Jamming (experienced in autos)


- Hogue Tamer Monogrip


- Easy to conceal


- Small and lightweight (13.5 oz/14.00 oz with LaserMax Laser Sight) <--- Hell, I buy more weight in deli meat than that  ...lol


- .38 S&W Special +P


LaserMax Laser Sight




- Ugly compared to Smith & Wesson counterpart


- Lower number of rounds compared to it's automatic counterpart (5 vs. 6-7)


- Reloading is slower (if needed)




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Also just in case you would be thinking about getting it everything proofed and want to maybe jazz it up a bit - http://www.cerakoteguncoatings.com/gallery/?page=1


My rifle - http://www.cerakoteguncoatings.com/gallery/detail/9593/Cerakote-H199-Desert-Sand-with-H263-Foliage-Green-and-H190-Armor-Black/

That is very cool.  I don't know if I will bling it up, but I am thinking of changing out the front sight and put on this instead.  

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Gator did you ever decide what you are going to get.  That M&P looked nice while with a revolver you have more safety as you can carry the hammer down and then use the double action when the time arises.  It's too difficult to get a pistol out here so I will stick with my rifles for the time being.
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