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MaximumPC: Solid State Drive Price War Erupts Overseas

Armory Staff

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Look for lower priced SSDs in the coming weeks and months


We have to admit, we've been spoiled by solid state drive price drops in the past year or so. While once considered cost prohibitive by many, SSDs are mostly affordable these days, provided you're not trying to match your 4TB hard drive in capacity. SSDs typically sell for less than 50 cents per gigabyte with prices continuing to drop. Accelerating the process is a price war in China that's leading to even lower cost SSDs.


According to Digitimes, SSD prices in China have "drastically fallen" to the point where you can pick up a 128GB for around $50 or a 256GB SSD for just $100. The sharp drops are a direct result of a price war started by China-based vendors TIGO Technology and Galaxy Microsystems.


You probably haven't heard of either company, but don't rule out price drops coming to the U.S. market as well. As TIGO Technology and Galaxy Microsystems duke it out, Samsung and Kingston Technology, the two largest SSD vendors in China, are feeling the pressure to lower prices as well. Both are also major players in the U.S., so it's possible that those price drops could land stateside.


Image Credit: Flickr (Dr. Martin Von Nostrand)


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