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Battlefield Blog: Battlefield 4 “Fall Update� Now Live

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Many of you have been asking about the Battlefield 4 Fall Update and we’re excited to tell you that it is now live. This update enhances and improves a wealth of things with Battlefield 4. Read below for the full list and we’ll see you on the Battlefield.


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A Huge Thank You


Before we roll into the updates for the game we want to thank you, the Battlefield community, and especially those taking part in the Community Test Environment (CTE). We’ve been listening to all your feedback and it has been tremendous. It’s because of that feedback that we’ve been able to implement so many tweaks and changes with this update. So once again, thank you from the entire Battlefield team. Keep it coming because we are listening!


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What We are Improving


We want to highlight a few key updates and enhancements we’ve made based on your feedback, but if you’d like to dive deeper into the full update notes they can be found at the link here: Full Battlefield 4 Update Notes


Core Changes


Here are some of the tweaks and changes we’ve made to BF4 with this update. We’ll continue to listen to your feedback to see how we can further improve the BF4 experience so keep that feedback coming.


- Player movement has been improved to more closely match that of Battlefield 3, while still maintaining the animation fidelity of Battlefield 4.


- The High Frequency Network Update has now been added to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and is set to default. This makes the server update the client on what is happening with greater frequency, resulting in a smoother, more “correct†player experience.


- Reduced visual recoil of guns. This includes all medium and close range sights (except iron sights, IRNV and FLIR).


- The BF4 â€netcode†has seen several tweaks and is now the fastest in the franchise’s history, counting client-to-client values. The delay is now lower than ever, and we’re also looking to improve hit detection.


Classic Mode


By popular demand, the Fall Update introduces a new preset called “Classic Modeâ€. Rules on these servers hone back to Battlefield 2/3 and are designed for skilled players looking for more of a challenge and seeking stricter rules.


For instance, you are able to spawn on only the squad leader in Classic Mode, increasing the challenge and need for greater tactical thinking as a squad leader.


In-Game UI streamlined


We’ve also made several improvements and customization options to the Battlefield 4 HUD. The user interface is more intuitive than ever, and you can now tinker with settings to find a display that suits your needs on the Battlefield the best.


For instance, you can change settings for the in-world icons that are visible when aiming down the sights. Some players don’t want to see their teammates in this view, and that is something you can toggle on and off. Furthermore: the size of the mini map can be increased by up to 250% and you can also change the transparency of icons to your liking. Once again, see the full update notes for details.


Again, these are just a few of the improvements and enhancements the Fall Update introduces to BF4. Thanks again for all the Battlefield fans out there and your continued support, keep the feedback coming because we are listening. We look forward to seeing you on the Battlefield!


Game On!


Fredrik Loving

General Manager, DICE LA


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I found this on battlelog. Classic mode doesn't have friendly fire unless it's manually turned on.


Classic Mode


Heath = 100%


Health / amour re-gen = OFF


3D spotting = OFF


Squad leader spawn only = ON


Mag pool = ON


Hud = ON


Mini Map = ON


Name icons = ON


Kill cam = OFF


3P view in vehicles = OFF (CTE forums requested this on by default - might get changed depending on popularity)


Friendly fire = OFF (CTE forums requested this on by default - might get changed depending on popularity)

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