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High Ping Kicked


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I would like to see our BF4 server populated with many gamers. I have experienced the disappointment of being kicked due to my ping bouncing up past the 250 mark. I also witnessed a couple other members last night being kicked for said reason. I asked IKII to whitelist me and I got kicked after he whitelisted me. I am not overly happy with this high ping kick command. I know there are other TAC members joining the server from abroad and they are experiencing a higher ping while trying to enjoy gaming with us too.


I joined TS Bunker channel last night and informed Gator that the ping kick was disrupting my game. He ask me if I give him permission to remove the ping kick command all together. I said PLEASE DO. Please try to understand that the high ping players do NOT effect your gameplay. Only the players with high ping are effected. If they do not like the gameplay while they experience high pings, I'm sure they will go elsewhere. This is a server that we all want to game on with our friends.


We also know that our server will be populating and sometimes to the max/64 players. Let's keep in mind that when we are full and we have friends trying to join we may easily high ping kick a player that is not within the Armory/friend, to open a slot for our friends. ;)


I'd like to hear your opinions on this matter and hope we all agree that the high ping kick command should stay OFF.


Game on

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You have been added to the white list.


You will not be kicked out.

You whitelisted me but yet, I was kicked after you whitelist me. I think we don't need that plugin. Even Telsin was high ping kicked last night and Axlerod had to take time from his own gaming to whitelist him. I don't think the plugin is needed.
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Patches, relax, it is off, and has been off for the last couple of days.


It would help if you were in TS, we missed you.


Noone know for sure why you got kicked, when we saw it we started talking about it.


Besides you have access to procon, did you take a look?

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@ IKII  Yes, I was in TS but sync to other team.


Yes, I have procon. But I was so annoyed by the ping kick and decided to just go to bed.


I know I was kicked for sure, due to ping being higher than (250) 437.


Let me know when it's safe to play on the server without the ping kick and I may join. I'm trying to rank up here. ;)

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I bet Gator and IKII will have it fixed soon and I'll look into it when I get back home tonight. It's safe to come back plus we need your connection to troubleshoot the server. There were problems with disabling multi balancer features, for example. Thanks for being patient Patches while the bugs get worked out.
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