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We need an icon on the bottom of the threads to clik on and bring you back to the top of the thread page please. ;)


​I found a plugin that will do that, but I am still awaiting the development team to fix the forum plugin installer.  Once that is done, I will install this plugin:




Thanks for your suggestion

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oh boy.


So if I don't put a heart it's considered negative? well shit I've gotta go heart the shit out of the site!


I'm joking.. for all you guys who think I'm SO SERIOUS and yell at my humor that isn't totally in line with yours. (I feel I need to clarify that "yours" at the end of that sentence is not in reference to any specific person)




If you like it, and you think it is worthy, give it a Like.  If not, leave it alone.  Down voting a topic/post is a negative vibe.  You will live.

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