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Dell 34' ultra wide


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Well I am dealing with a couple of issues (things I do not yet fully understand).


As far as I have researched, the HDMI cable has a max refresh rate up to 50 mhz whilst the DP cable will go up to 60 mhz.


Well it did not recognize the DP cable that came with the monitor (btw it says mini DP on the cable, the GPU is now GTX 970 and supports both DP and HDMI), saying that there is no DP cable plugged in.


So I have additionally plugged in the HDMI cable and it is now showing the resolution as native at 3440x1440 running at  60hz which is what he is supposedly maxed to do.


However now I am looking at BF4 FPS, if before with the ASSUS monitor that was running 1980x1020 at 120hz, the in game performance test came at 221 fps set on ultra, now with the Dell monitor set at 3440x1440 and rfr at 60hz, the test only showed 25 fps.


So I am in a dilemma...... 

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Judging by your epic shotgun run in the Zavod crypts, it works.


Edit: Oh wait, it just came today? You're going to get better? GAAAHHH



I reported him, no way he wasn't hacking.  :D Your monitor looks awesome I'd love to play on a ultra wide monitor some time. GG Dan.
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