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Gator how does bf4 run on it?


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I've beta tested Windows 10, and it is almost just like windows 8.1 for the most part, except it is flatter and has a hybrid start menu like Windows version s of past.  It runs BF4 just fine.  I was referring to the Windows 10 notification pop-up window everyone is getting that talks about reserving a copy. 

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Maybe you need to reboot.  If not, you can go here and select "Reserve Windows 10"

Thanks Gator


  • Click “Reserve your free upgrade” in the app window.    I clicked on "Reserve Windows 10"
  • Enter your email if you want a confirmation of this reservation. No email textbox showed
  • All set. There’s no obligation and you can cancel your reservation at any time. Guess we will wait and see :unsure:

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I noticed Windows 10 was not allowing me to use my Xonar DG Audio Center. I upgraded from Win 7 to 10. After thorough investigating this issue I have  found out that I had to download and install Win 8 64bit drivers for my Xonar sound card to work on Window 10. Seems to me that if any of you are having issues with drivers not working on Window 10 after upgrading from Window 7, you may want to try Downloading Window 8 drivers for the application in question. Just saying.
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