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So this happened


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I hope the daddy is much smarter than me, he seems to be much better looking if that's not my kid.


Thanks for the b-day wishes.


I fell off the face of the earth, I didn't realize I was still alive till the rug-rat came along.


Congrats buddy!! How ya been!? Come talk to us in TS, its been too long!!


BTW I thought you knew where those things came from! You gotta fix that problem!


It was a harsh lesson in reality, a real brick to the head, I thought the old-lady just let herself go!


Nah, i really wanted the booger-eater.

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Well congrats & happy b-day my brother! You have been missed, I'm happy to hear you've had an up turn in your life. I know you were pretty depressed the last time we spoke. Good lookin' kid ya got there!


Yeah I guess I was always kinda that way wasn't I. I quit the drink stopped the smoking got a second bachelors degree. I basically got lots more boring.


I think so too, pretty fond of that little dude.


I made a gerber baby! That's the last pic don't worry.



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