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Battlefield Hardline - Origin Special


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game is dead brahhh!


For some reason on the PS4 the game has like 10,000+ active players on at a time. Only around 800 or so on PC. 


I think the game just appeals more to those who like console games more than those who like PC games. A lot of the PC players started with Battlefield 1942 so we know what we like in our BF games but the majority of the console players started with the Bad Company games which aren't as large-scale as some of the older BF games like 1942, Vietnam BF2, 2142).


And a good portion of your console games are just pickup-and-play like COD which appeals to them more, which is what Hardline seems like.

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I got my money back on my copy and I somehow still have it. Dunno if its an oversight or a "sorry we fucked up" either way I'll pass. I was just too soured by the screw-ups on release and the cost of another "Premium" package. I'm done paying for extra content.


I hope they give modding tools back to the community at some point. I know it will take a while before we see it again but it really extended the life of 1942 & 2. So many awesome mods were released, I think AIX was my favorite.


AIX 3.0 - http://www.moddb.com/mods/allied-intent-xtended

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