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Fall Update - Oct 27th


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I didn't see 'much' weakening of the AA that I was expecting - or mention of the bullet proof glass installed on the choppers. If I understood correctly, it is harder to get a hit on aircraft now (longer lock on times), but when you do, you take more damage - certainly with stingers etc.


I do like the engineer ability to equip both AA mines and a launcher now. Some maps you really do need both and with the mines having instant lock on with increased damage, could be more viable than previously. I haven't been able to get the AA mine to fire in the test range yet (it used to) so will see if it works in a proper match.


For snipers however, the smoke is a potential major obstacle for them - as long as the powerful zoom scopes don't see through the smoke like they could before. I do like the increased points reward for actually capturing objectives now (up from 150 to 400) and the removal of the marksman bonus for long distance kills. That move in itself seems to indicate DICE recognize a problem exists but I feel they could have done more to tone down the effectiveness and popularity of DMR's and sniper rifles.


On a plus point, it looks like shotguns got the range nerf they needed for buckshot!

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