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Our Battlefield Server Status


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- Our host i3d.net, was only able to give us a 48-player count 60Hz server, so we rented from another company, Fragnet.net, which provided us with a 64-player 60Hz server.  


- The 64-player 60Hz server in L.A. from Fragnet.net had a bad crash problem, so we had them move us to Dallas, TX, in hopes of resoling the crash issue.


- The Dallas server did not crash, so we thought the problem was solved. It wasn't.  We discovered that 60Hz caused the server to become overtasked when we reached more than 55 players, so we tried lowering the setting down to 50Hz.


- The 50Hz setting seemed stable, but there was an occasional stutter (not too bad).  I found out later from the i3d.net folks that the stutter was known to be caused by the 50Hz setting, because it goes against the grain of our 60Hz monitors, which would explain all of this.  Some other players found it almost impossible to play on the 60Hz setting, because their systems were less than stellar.


-  We also had another problem.  A number of players were denied from joining our Dallas Fragnet.net server.  We noticed our numbers got significantly reduced because of this, and we were never able to get above 30 players over the past few nights.  I contacted Fragnet.net support personnel, and they advised me it had nothing to do with their servers, so...


- With all this in mind, and after conferring with senior members, I took the action of going back to i3d.net, because we never had player connection issues with them, and they have our old bookmark that took a million years to blossom.  I also asked them to put us back to 68-player slots at the normal 30Hz server, and I requested the server be moved to Dallas, TX, because it is more centrally located for most players. 


-  We will test the i3d.net 64-player 30Hz Dallas server tonight, so everyone please make an effort in getting the server properly tested.

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