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Anyone ever replace gpu fan?


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Be careful I'm not sure how old your card is but  when you take off the fans and cooling assembly the warranty is void, when I put cooling blocks on GPUs the warranty was void according to the manufacturer (BFG) I'm sure its the same with every manufacturer. Not sure if you have to take off the whole assembly to access the fans or if you can just take the fans off. A very odd thing to happen, I have a 780 (EVGA) and its pushing 2 years old now.


How long have you had it Rogue?

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I bought it in November 2013 so its past warranty. I've been reading other forums and people have had issues with aftermarket fans not fitting properly, wires not correct length, etc.  I was looking at the Accelero Xtreme gpu cooler and that does fit but its almost $80. I still haven't started taking it apart just yet but I'm hoping I can get buy with a suitable replacement fan. I'm sure I can find one. The stock heatsink/fan mount seems sufficient. I'm not sure I want to start tearing it apart and removing the heatsink but I guess I can just put new thermal paste on it and have piece of mind. I've never replaced a video cards fan before and I've never spent this much on just a card so I'm gonna fix it vs replace. 
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So you may be in luck.. :D


I have a ACX 2.0 Cooler for this same exact card, PM me your address and I'll get it in the mail tomorrow. I ended up going with Water cooling when I had two 780s and I never tossed the stock acx coolers.


Almost positive it will fit, if not the parts should be nearly the same to use to get yours running

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