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Can someone suggest to me some Great servers so when you are in a "Team" there are actual "Communications" going on. Most of the severs I attend there are absolutely no communications at all and I find that frustrating as hell. Also, a question for the Sniper Rifle. If I use a "Lasser" on said weapon, it might be a tad easier to pinpoint your selected target. But by using the Lasser, you become a selected target as well....Suggestions, Ideas?? 


Thank You.

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Most communication between us is questions though. For example, "Axle, why did you team kill me?", or "Axle, do you realize that was me you just ran over?", or "How many times has Axle team killed you tonight?"  :signs8:
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LOL......You know what gets me every time is that I go out with my sniper kit so I can spot. Everyone is getting ripped up by helos, tanks and such. So I go high on a tower somewhere alone and start "Spotting". But it seems no one every pays attention. So I call it out, "I need an Engineer with a rocket to lock on to my spots. No one answers, no one gives a S..T if they keep getting blown away by all the vehicles. That's when I exit the server.  But I'll bet "Axle" knows to bring out his engineer gear to kill hellos. 
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