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Anyone using m.2 SSD?

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Ordered my i5-6600k and the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy XF 5.1 today! Exciting!


But trying to decide if its worth getting a m.2 supported motherboard or not.


Is the speed boost pretty noticeable over a standard sata SSD? I've read claims its 4x as fast but would love to hear some first hand experience from some TAC guys


This is the hard drive:



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I have the Sabertooth X99 Asus board, which has the M.2 slot -  I upgraded from a Samsung Evo 850 SSD to that same Samsung 950 Pro M.2.   It is STUPID FAST, and I mean downright ridiculous.   Especially when doing a lot of video editing/moving large files around/etc..   The thing that seems most noticeable to me is when doing file searches... near instantaneous even searching folders with thousands of files.


Don't bother with other M.2 cards - most out there have the same specs as a regular SSD.    The Samsung 950 Pro is top dog, like 5x faster, and the price is right.


Totally worth it IMHO - I got the 500gb version... run OS all software & games from it.   256gb wasn't enough for me.


I've seen adapters where you can use the m.2 card via a PCI slot on a non M.2 motherboard - but not sure you'd get the same performance.   Easiest to just get the M/B with M.2 (Gen3 x4 !!), saves a lot of space too - it's literally the size of a stick of gum.

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