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[Fix] Drives Appearing Twice in Navigation Pane of Windows 10 Explorer “This PC”


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I dunno MR BARON. Lets say ZERO and make me look bad, mkay?


But I tried to revive the absolute mess whoever made of the 32 player server. no one seems to think there's a problem paying for an empty server.. No one wants to hand the keys over and no one wants to fix it. I'm kind of up against a thick sheet of SENIOR MEMBER glass ceiling, and they "know better" or simply assume .. wow. Dan, you got me typing long-ass run on sentences.


My point was that Gator kind of just threw this out there, padding his post count? I couldn't care less, I just asked WHY he posted it. I got some vague generic reply that means "I don't know why I posted it, Auvy" but without letting on that he really didn't have a REASON to post it.


Back to the 32 player server. I vote to shake the shit up in that server, cause whatever the settings are now, suck. THEY SUCK, OKAY? No one joins. I challenge whoever has the keys to hand them over to me and see if I can breathe life into the dead server. Or do SOMETHING to prove that a shit is given about it.


Compost to heat a house: http://www.farmshow.com/view_articles.php?a_id=1444 or you can just google it.. (which is what I'd do if I had a pc problem, wouldn't you?)


But if you'd really like helpful posts, maybe I'll make helpful posts. Pad my postcount :) Coming up next: How to eat a chocolate bar!

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For crying out loud. I didn't say "hey gator that's a stupid post" i just asked why. 


As for watching myself, no. I will not. If this clan is suffering financial loss due to an empty server and I'm the ONLY voice trying to save those few dollars while adding fun and variance, then you guys aren't a clan at all. Just following the leader isn't a clan. A clan is a group of people with similar goals. If my goals are to profit the clan and the senior members are stomping my little flame out, then I'll type LOUDER until someone else joins me, and so on.


I am not against anyone here.. I'm just trying to help, offering my help, and getting told politely to fuck off.


Read everything I've posted. If it's a suggestion, someone shoots it down. I'm okay with that, for a while. 

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I made this post, because other may have a similar issue with their Windows 10.   This is a support thread, and it contains information that may be useful for the PC or gaming.   If you are not experiencing an issue such as stated above, then leave it alone.  


Your behavior is a little odd, and so I am now wondering if it is drug related?  If so, lay off the drugs a bit, because you are starting to embarrass yourself.

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