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I went Battlefield 1 Crazy :)


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I went Battlefield 1 crazy and purchased the Battlefield 1 Ultimate edition for $129.00 (no tax).  It includes the 4 DLC map packs and weapons.  Preload October 14th, and play on the 18th.   :biggrin:


Scroll to the bottom of this link to see the different types of downloadable packages





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Let me know how the game is. I'm gonna hold off till I get solid reviews. 


I told myself I'd never preorder from EA/Dice ever again since the BF4 release was botched.


One bitten, twice shy.  :ph34r:




Why would you need a review?  You played it.  You either like it, or you don't like it.  As you can tell by my post above, I like it.  In fact, it actually made me look forward to the release.  

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I'm going to stick with standard edition. I got a great deal on it at 20% off. I don't need to play it early and while it would be nice to get the skins or battle packs, I bet I'll use the same gun for a long time anyway. I'm hoping that I can get premium add on for 20% off when the dlc start coming out. I'm sure I'll find a deal somewhere. 
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