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BF1 Server Rental Theory


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After reading this post in the BF1 Beta Forums, I believe what the posters are saying might be true.  One guy seems to know that i3d.net (our current server provider) is going to run all the servers, and EA will be renting out.  We may even get an interface like the consoles guys got a couple of years back.  Check out the video


What are your thoughts?


Also read this




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Well here is my theory which is not based on any facts or evidence lol... I bet that community servers will be added at some point in the future because the outcry will be DEAFENING and after EA/DICE execs get their ass handed to them by the fan base and board of directors, we will eventually be able to rent servers. 


That was an interesting read though, I wouldn't put it past DICE to try and milk every penny they can from server rental revenue. But if I was a gambling man, I'd bet that DICE won't be renting servers to us and we will be able to get servers just like we did before. 

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