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New Player Guide 3.2


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I use a program called voice attack control my ships along with additional voice packs from HCS Voice paks in Elite Dangerous and now Star Citizen. Apparently, the packs work for both games. One pretty cool feature in both games is the use of multiple packs to simulate the crew of a ship that you can assign to various stations. They have some pretty good actors doing the voice overs, especially if you're a Trek fan. Currently, there is a discount code for Eli done by John Delancie. The Q from STNG. also Celeste is on sale. both till Oct 30. theyll run you 14 bucks US. Use code CELESTE30OFF at checkout for 30%. This offer will expire 30th October . Use code ELI30OFF at checkout for 30%. This offer will expire 30th October. Beware Eli will cuss at times.
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