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Does your game minimize to Desktop for no reason? Here is a fix...


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As I was launching Star Citizen, the game would launch and then immediately minimize to Desktop. Very frustrating, indeed, so I searched for days if not weeks to find a solution. I finally found a small program that logs any event causing Windows to change focus to the desktop. And sure enough, and after running the program, I discovered it was my "Epson Event Manager" which helps my Epson scanner with certain tasks (as shown in the attached image). No matter how many times I tried bringing the game back up using the game tile in the Taskbar, it would simply not go back to the fullscreen game.


Here is a link to the FREE logger program I spoke of (use at your own risk)


Here is a screenshot of the "Windows Focus Logger"



Once I found the culprit, I had 4 choices to fix it. Delete the Epson Event Manager, disable the service that runs it, temporarily disable the process using the Windows Task Manager before game launch, or I could download Razer's FREE Cortex game booster which temporarily stops all unnecessary services/tasks automatically. Cortex also allows the user to specify which programs to stop running. Well, I chose Cortex and it works great for me. Cortex detects I am launching the game and stops all unnecessary services, to include the "Epson Event Manager" that was causing my issues. No more crashing to Desktop. You can download Cortex here :)


You can download Cortex here



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