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Sorry I have been MIA


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Sorry I have been MIA for the past week or so. Unfortunately my wife lost her battle with all the diseases she has fought for the past 20+ years and passed away on the 19th. It's been kinda surreal bumbling around our home and being the only one there except the dog. Now is the time to move on and get back to life. She will be missed but she wouldn't want any of us to mope around. She felt guilty enough because our daughter and I were forced to be there with her this past year and didn't really get to do anything.
Anywho I should now be back in full force.   

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NetRngr, so sorry for your loss.  I hope you and your daughter will be at ease having the knowledge she loved you very much.  Since the passing of my mom and dad, I still have many fond memories of them from childhood through adulthood.   Their faces and words are forever embedded in my mind.  As always, you are always welcome to join us on Discord when the time feels right.


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Thanks pal. Things are going well and getting back to work has definitely helped. The thing thats most bothersome is that now the house is so quiet at night its been hard to get to sleep. Sounds weird but after years of at least some background noise at night the silence is deafening.


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