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sounds cool, Monkey, tell us when it is completed and we should be able to upload it to the site for a server purposeMy fav's arectisdps_mexico (man, I love climbing mountains)ps_marie (fun sniping fun)ps_sandblast (where the M60 comes in handy, and I love climbing things im not supposed to :D )ps_upham (fun to cap red)tc_rubble (FAMAS and M60 killing)tc_iwojima (mortar/FAMAS fun :p )
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I've been waiting about 3 weeks for the armory server to play thanatos...it finally plays it...I'm about to select my weapons when my compu crashs...I can't get a break :Sanyway...fav maps:sd_durandalps_coldwarleast fav:rubblerubblerubblerubblerubblerubble
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