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Earth and beyond


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I played the beta (and I also have a free trail disk) and I have to say it's THE most orignal mmorpg game ever...if you're looking to buy a MMORPG at this current time...I would have to recommand Earth and Beyond(If you're gonna buy one in the future...my picks:World of Warcraft (YAY!)or City of Heros)
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no Renegades is the one where its a first person shoter. AND sole survivor is there first on then C%C gold and the add on covert operations then C&C red alert with the 2 add ons counter strike and after math. Then tiberium sun with that add on then red alert 2 with the yuris reveng add on then renegades and now Generals. That is evry C&C there is. :D
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-Col.James.C.Farr]Hay you have evry commmand and conquer so you have Sole Survivor. If you do could you e mail it to me or something. I have been looking for that game for ever its there first one they made. :D They stoped selling that one a long time ago.

dont say everyone stoped selling it hehhttp://www.retrosoftware.com/rs0992.htmlthese people rule =P
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