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Subject: Weapons Inspectors in Iraq


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HA HA HA, that's great.On the subject of weapon inspectors in Iraq and how silly it is... there is a game...http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=87206It's so much fun. :D :D :D NOTE: Try going to the site of the game and getting it from there because it gives you a full screen version which in turn prevents you from accidentally clicking out of the window and screwing up. :D You can probably find the link after you get game over.
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its very sad that thats probly true. man we need war.

We do NOT need war. We never NEEDED war. War is something that comes with politics, and the politics are like"Hey, we don't know you but we know you are going to use weapons on us. CHARGE!"War is not an answer, only another question to be answered.
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