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-Killer From Away]he can be convited of war crimes so its not iraqs decision

It said on the news that if it went to an International War Tribunal, he would not be executed because they do not have the death penalty, so it may be tried in Iraq by the Iraq's. As far as the my opinion on the death penalty, well, one side of me thinks about the genocide he committed to hundreds of thousands of innocent people, so I will leave it at that. No matter what happens though, I think he will meet his master (Allah) in the near future anyway.


Also, he still possesses much needed knowledge about the alleged chemical and nuclear weapons (if any really exists), his terrorist's connections, and knowledge about other mass grave sites around the country. I would imagine he will slow his fate as long as he can to survive by feeding little bits of information here and there.



Just my thoughts :)

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that's inhuman...if we did it to him than we'd be no more a monster than he was.and also, I never really did believe there were any weapons in the first place.The only real evidence the US had was that he had weapons way back in the first Gulf War. George W. Bush doesn't seem to want to believe that he could've gotten rid of the weapons by then.And if they did find these weapons...what would they do with them? Dismantle them and get rid of all the components? That's close to impossible. I think he'd keep them for himself or something(no offense to americans or anything)
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