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Welcome [TA]-Teladro


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-UnwantedHero]yay! finally someone good!

Too bad you forgot about Lister, Random, Tfen, Ripper, Macgyver, Punisher, Catdady, and me. :wink: No really, I suck. I can't ever seem to get a really good ratio. :cry: But the others mentioned are pretty good. Ack, I can't remember all the other guys that are better than me. Just look at the player rankings and you'll see them. Plus, Lister knifes like a crazy gangsta mofo (leetness level way above mine). 8)
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Thank you everyone for the very warm welcome :D I'm proud to be a part of the community here at TA, and hope to be involved for a long time to come. As for the ritual hazing and initiation that has been tradition for hundereds of years, I'm pretty sure I could drink anything you throw at me :shock: Enemy submarine spotted!
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