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Theres a new WHAT now in 2.9?


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This thread has been removed at the request of Mazor from the Firearms team. Apparently, someone accessed privileged information from the FA test site, and leaked information that was not to be made public until after the official release. Although the privileged information was not from a TA member, I would like to ask all TA members who were present during 2.9 testing to hold your public comments until after the release.


If you would like to provide positive feedback from the 2.9 test, please contact Mazor at mazor@firearmsmod.com





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What did you expect? Mazor to sing "happy happy joy joy"? Information about the upcomming release should be given out by the FA Team, not measly "testers"Besides, the only thing I really care to know more about 2.9 now is if it will be moved from the third party game portion of Steam, so we will get some new players again. Woohoo.
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