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I know its been a while but I am fine a doing well.  I've made some major changes in my life.  Mother had a two major surgeries at the beginning of this year and the family is in a bit of a financial bind.  So i'm doing what I can to help support them.  School has really eaten into gaming time and plus FPS has lost it's appeal to me.  I'm no longer a manager with Walmart I had to step back to allow more time for school while I still work for Walmart the deli isn't exactly my cup of tea but pays decently.  I had a few reasons for leaving the managerial position one being school and the other being the way I was treated in that store.  Now that store is under investigation by corporate for the mass firings they recently did so I left just in time.  I still have to work full time because I can't get enough from federal student aide.  I have completed several courses and currently maintain a 4.0 GPA.  The coding courses were intense and fun.  As I continue through college I think that a full time job will become a hinderance as courses become more intense and may require me to drop to part time.  I'm set to graduate in Nov 2016 with a Bachelor's in Computer Information Science with an analysis and integration major.  I hope everyone is doing well and will try to frequent a bit more often.  I do play a lot of MMOs now Star Trek Online, SWTOR, and some free to play ones as well in my free time.  Computer is doing well except for the watercooling pump failure a few months back.  I don't use teamspeak that much anymore but anytime you want to chat I use Skype as an IM service.  If you have Skype and want to add me just search my email connery0072005@twcny.rr.com.  On another note I will be playing the new Destiny game on PS4 soon as soon as i get it got the bundled version I will post my PSN ID.


I hope everyone is doing well!

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Hey bro it's Rogue/aka Murd3r3r (changed name). Glad you're doing well and it sounds like you're doing absolutely awesome in school and that's all that matters. Those MMO's will scramble you're brain, just ask Marty McFly's dad. I don't get to play as much as I'd like either, but usually around 7pmCST nightly a group of TAC play BF4 and are utterly kicking ass everywhere we go and we'd love to have a DingChavez come join and kick some noob butt with us
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Nice you hear you are doing well in school, Ding.  Sorry to hear your mom is having health issues.  I know how important healthcare is for all of us, so I hope she is getting proper care and treatment.  As far as education goes, you must never lose sight of your educational goal, and always strive to push forward, no matter what life obstacles confront you.  It will pay huge dividends in the end.  I find gaming is, at best, okay, but it is so much better when gaming with a bunch of like minded teammates/friends.  The thrill of using intense communication(1) to accomplish a task as a "team" makes the game extremely satisfying to me, to say the least.  I hope you consider gaming with us again sometime, as a few of us still continue to game it up hard in the evenings.       




(1) Me, yelling and screaming like a fool, because Decaff has not been around to fill the void :)

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