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need new router


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How the heck did your nighthawk go down?? That router is not that old. I have a dark knight which is in competition with the nighthawk and its doing me just fine. I'm sure I'm not using it to its full capabilities but I am pushing it pretty hard. I'm using a custom firmware and it's based on Linux like you probably already know. I use it to stream MPEG 4 and h.264 advertised by an over the air antenna transcoder wirelessly to media center extenders using my PC as a home theater DVR and TV guide. It is connected to three different XBOXs and my PC and I'm able to game on all of them in open NAT mode. I also use it attached to network attached storage (my own personal cloud), and a network printer. I have no issues at all with my router. It just works. I also like the wireless power adjustment and have it set so low that I can only pick up wifi on my property. I can crank up the power so much that I can see the signal over a block away if I wanted.
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it powers up. Wifi is good but the lan ports not working.


Have over 20 things connected at once. Kids do himeworknon computers, tablets. As well as the wife toys.


Went to BB and looked at Netgear and Asus. .... still deciding...


Want to have QoS. Schedule to block services for the kids by mac address and ip.


And have app on my phone to contol it as well

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With the proper custom firmware like OpenWRT, you can get an iPhone app for the dark knight. I prefer Merlin firmware. It's light, and doesn't deviate much from standard features. The dark knight runs about 55C, which concerns me some. I'd like to modify it sometime with a fan. I'm very OCD about keeping my computing devices cool. I've had it over a year, no issues, hopefully the heat doesn't kill it.
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