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I was banned tonight on your server.


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I got a message that I was banned for excessive talking while muted. Not sure what that means but when I got kicked the first time I assumed that I couldn't type in to the team chat. So I didn't for the rest of the night until I got banned. I used the com rose to ask for an order and I got banned. Can I get a clarification for this? How does a player know when they've been 'muted'?


What's more, earlier on the server on the map Firestorm a teammate continuously shot up my AA vehicle with his jet. I had to take cover in a building to repair my vehicle which he then proceeded to shoot at again.


When I complained about it in the chat. I was told  to "shut up and play" by a TAC member. Then I got team switched to the team that was previously getting slaughtered on that map with about 25 tickets to go. Is this how these types of issues are typically resolved on your server?

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This is not how we run our server. I apologize for what has happened regarding TAC member who said,   "shut up and play".


I am frowning on that, right this moment. Can you remember the member's username? Or What time it was in the server when this happened?


We have no rules in our server. Players that TK get auto kicked when they reach a certain number of tk's. Disrespecting players is not accepted. 


Name and time would give us info as to where to investigate chat log. As far as the Ban goes, seems to be a glitch. I don't see it.


Here's the scoop.


Basically you were not banned ever. You were MUTED due to the fact that you were spamming the team chat for orders etc.


Play the game. Includes look at the objectives,  Kill and Chill. Also was informed that you were never told by a TAC member to "shut up and play".



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It was about 10 pm tonight that I got banned. I guess this went down between 9:30 and 10 pm EST. I can't remember which TAC member said it. There were several on at the time. The guy that was shooting at me never killed me, he just damaged the heck out of my tank and I repaired it. He kept on doing. I figured he was just trolling.


Here's the battle report from the game when I was being shot at:




How does a player know that the he/she has been muted?


Thanks for your responses, by the way.

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I am sorry you had such a bad experience on our server.  I am glad you took the initiative and registered, so we can address your issue.  I hope we can make things right for you.  


You should no longer be banned from our server, so let me know if you still are having connection issues.  


We rarely use the "Mute" command.  It is only used when we find a player who is being verbally disruptive on our server.  It is only used as a last resort.  The "Mute" command warns and kills the player a few times, and then kicks them if they persist, and then eventually bans after the kick if they keep chatting.  The ban is only for one round.  All these actions are handled automatically, and no one person actually kicks or bans anyone.  We execute the "Mute" command, and the admin plugin does the rest.


As far as someone telling you to "Shut up and play,"  well, I will personally apologize for that particular admins actions.  We plan on having an Admin meeting soon, and issues such as this will be discussed.  We try our best to provide a friendly environment for all players, and when that is compromised, we need to take an introspective look of ourselves.


Thanks for playing at The Armory


Larry K. (Gatornade)  

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