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Latest PBBans: Ballerinweb (7123ece3)

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PBBans BanID: 406730





  • Date: August 4, 2016 10:16 pm
  • Game: Battlefield 4
  • PB GUID: ce6bf85a4c5fceafcc2039127123ece3
  • Alias: Ballerinweb
  • User IP: 77.20.*.*
  • Violation: VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 51058
  • Violation Info: Violation (AIMBOT) #51058
  • Caught by: [TAC]



This player was caught on a server that streams to PBBans.com. Visit us today and ask how you can help keep your server cheat free.


Request Unban (click here)

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Can't always go by stats. He may have just bought hack software for getting owned so much. It appears cheat software was detected. From pbbans:


The default "punishment" for raising a PunkBuster™ software cheat violation is a 2 minute kick, it is the proactive server admin or third party anti cheat service that turns that 2 minute kick into a permanent ban.


PBBans also provides, unique, up to date MD5 scans that enhance standard PunkBuster™ software and also issues bans on submitted PB screenshots that show cheat use / ingame demos showing cheat use (where applicable) and cheat related cvars (where applicable)


There is also a myriad of tools and features available to server admins that stream their servers via PBBans.




So what is interesting is PB only issues two minute kicks based on cheat detection. It's up the the admins or third party software to make it permanent. What likely happened is PB detected the cheat software and pbbans made it permanent. His legit stats were probably legit before his recent cheat software purchase. 

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