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Add your name to the Battle.net friends list


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In preparation for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta, you will need to download and install Blizzard's Battle.net Desktop app for Windows. Once installed, you can add friends within our community.


Here are a few names to get you started with (Note: please add your name below so I can update this list):



@danbaron = Danbaron#2603

@Gator = Gatornade#11903

@Kris = Kris94#11542

@Trouble_SR = TroubleSR#1441

@slow202 = slow202#1662

[uSER=2786]@=CDU= Rogue Warrior[/uSER] = RogueWarrior#1265

@CrowsEternity = Bazilith#1528

@jinXyKO = jinXyKO#1136

@GIJOE = GIJOE#11610

@AK_Flyer012 = AKFlyer#11836

@Rigormortis = Rigormortis#11736

@heavywrench = Heavywrench#11799

@Chaplain = Chaplain#11728

@MurphysL4w = MurphysL4w#1880


@NetRngr = NetRngr#11821

@FirstRock_EBDA = FirstRock503#1356

@Sam3084 = Sivin#1244

@K0diak = K0diak#11342

@Dirtydealer68 = Dirtydealers#1617

[uSER=2888]@=CDU=Delta[/uSER] = delta#6037484

@TomC = TomC133#11939


Also, I have added a block in the forum profiles section where you can add your Blizzard Battle.net name there. If you add your name below, I will add it to the list here.



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